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Tomorrow's Future Starts Today

Society has become far too comfortable pushing the environment to the back of its agenda. It’s an easy thing to do, what with the seemingly never-ending whirlwind of worldwide political turmoil that is reported on, epidemic and the cost of living crisis.

Meanwhile, humankind is ruining the only home it has ever known and hardly cares to stop it. Climate change is a major threat to the Earth’s future, and if we hope to keep the natural beauty of the world, changes must be made.

we are Making
a Promise

"We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change, and the last generation that can do anything about it."

Together we can make a promise to do better, working together we can make a change,

This is my small way
 in helping make that happen. 

a social purpose

Social Purpose

To create amazing spaces with bamboo,,

Gardens of zen that people can go and visit, relax and be inspired.

Places that can help improve mental health whilst giving back to environment. 

My Two Club Feet

If you want to know more about me and why i have started this social enterprise have a look at my blog,

I also share what it's like to have a disability, being a single parent, becoming the person I have always wanted to be. finding myself, and how i'm trying to not let fear stop me from trying new things and following my heart. 

www.  My Two Club Feet .com


Christian x


My Two Club Feet

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